10 Things you can use your new $99 HP TouchPad For

So, you are one of the lucky ones to get your hands on one of those HP Fire sale TouchPads, but now what?

This year I’ve been had the opportunity to get my hands on (11) 15″ Dell LCD monitors. These monitors are being used for a variety of things as evidenced by my Office page. The main problem with them is I have to attach a PC to it, which includes running power, networking, etc… If you have a TouchPad the options expand significantly. Here are a few ideas on how to use your TouchPad in and around your house:

1. Smart Fridge – you can buy some industrial Velcro at your local hardware store and mount it up on your fridge. Then you can utilize grocery shopping apps and recipe websites in your kitchen. Even use it as a kitchen inventory system.

2. Smart Toilet – mount your TouchPad to a swing arm in the bathroom. This will let you pull up netflix and not miss moment of that action movie you were watching in the living room.

3. Smart Living Room – mount it on an angled block of wood and use it as a control unit for your smart house X-10 system. Control lights, your television, even the curtains thru a system like HAL from smarthome.com.

4. Smart Work Bench – mount your TouchPad on a swing arm next to your workbench in your shop or garage. Use it to pull up how-to videos on woodsmithshop.com. This way you could be doing it as they’re explaining.

5. Smart Mower – drop by your local motorcycle shop and pickup a handle bar mount for your Touchpad. Mount it to your push or riding lawn mower and stay entertained as you mow.

6. Smarter Car – visit mp3car.com and browse around the thousands of ways people are mounting their tablets in their cars. They even provide hints and links to car computer software.

7. Smart Nightstand – for only $99, this would make one really awesome alarm clock. Heck, you can even sync it with your porno videos for that little extra in the bedroom…

8. Smart Door – back to the hardware store for Secure mounting hardware… Mount it on your front door and carry around a second TouchPad or other device. Then your guests will be greeted by your technology savvy.

9. Smart Baby – pickup a rotatable swing arm and mount the TouchPad over your baby’s crib. Then your baby will have access to all the internet has to offer like YouTube and iTunes.

10. Smart Viewer – back to smarthome.com for a video surveillance system. Then you can walk around your system in style watching all parts of your home. Mount it in the office and look away from that twitter feed for a moment to see who’s at the door, or watch the natural gas guy read your meter (he only thinks no one is watching).

There are so many different ways to use $99 HP TouchPad. What are yours?