I’ve written another application to assist us with the development of our weekly webcast Week in Review.  This time I’ve constructed a very special server->multiple clients application for displaying text to our hosts.11-28-2011 12-39-39 PM

The application basically works like a remote display allowing the operator of the server or any of the operators of the clients to edit text as well as scroll the content displayed on the screen.

The primary purpose of this application is to allow David and I the ability to enter in our show’s flow chart.  Then as each event occurs, we “scroll” down the list and it automatically marks out as well as highlights the next item. 

ss1My friend is loosing his eyesight so in an attempt to make it extremely easy to determine which item we’re on, I’ve created a very special “ScrollText” .NET control.  This allows the “selected line” to be much larger and a different color than the rest of the content, thus making it extremely easy to see.


This is another free application I’m publishing for anybody to use and enjoy.  If you have any comments, concerns, or questions… please leave your comments below.

Get it from CNET!

FREE!!! LCARS Operating System Shell – Source

Hello everyone… that’s right… Here’s a link to the source code to my most popular internet program… the LCARS Operating System Shell Source… completely FREE of charge… Do what you will with it… Just please mention where you got it… This source code is for Visual Studio 2008… has lots of warnings regarding functions not returning values because they should really be subs… but just ignore them… open the “LOSS Core.sln” solution file… it links a bunch of different projects together… lots of DLLs.


UPDATE:  If you’re looking for the installer for the latest release, look no further…