Office v5.0

My office has gone through several transitions since i last wrote up for Office v4.0… OfficeSo much has changed and for the better.  In the coming months I will be moving into a new home with a dedicated Office space as well as a home for my server cabinet.

A huge beautiful room of 11’8” by 17’ is dedicated to office space. 


A large space is being set aside for my home-lab.  Currently it resides at a spare office outside of the home… so technically it is not a home-lab… but I’m about to fix that.

The following is the growing plan of my network.  There are so many moving pieces and equipment is being ordered in small batches to ensure it will function the way I’m hoping.  I will try to get some reviews of the equipment into the main blog as I start receiving equipment.


The above image is a nearly accurate picture of the current plan.  I’m trying to account for each of the networked equipment that will be going into the new home.

There are many aspects to this map:

  1. My homelab cabinet is coming home! 
  2. Home Automation expansion
    1. Door Locks – Front and Back doors will be controlled, Still researching brands and models.
    2. Thermostats – Two Ecobee thermostats will be used to control AC/Heater units.
    3. Lights – Nearly every light in the home will have Sylvania Lightify bulbs, LED Strips, etc.
    4. Window Shades – Many of the windows will have controllable shades. Still researching.brands and models.
    5. Additional motion and door sensors from SmartThings.
  3. Voice Control of Music and Home Automation via Amazon Echo and Dots in every room.
  4. Full Unifi network with two AC-Pro Access Points, Cloud key, USG router, etc.  Providing deep packet inspection of network traffic, even tracking usage down to device whether it is wireless or wired.
  5. Video cameras setup throughout the home with PoE and network level DVR with video feeds available on any TV in the home.

This is an ever growing network design that has been happening over the last few years.  It is not expected to stop growing.. but I wanted to share some details since I’ve been keeping you guys in the dark for a bit too long.

More to come… here as well as on my main blog theme.

If you have any automation or computer networking suggestions… I am listening… leave a comment.