Microsoft Training Seminar Tuesday

Hello all… Diana and I are attending a Microsoft training event called TS2.  Here they discuss how the Microsoftmsts2 products can best be utilized by small businesses and how IT companies like mine can best support those businesses.  The event itself is very informative and by the end of it, I leave all excited at what I can do.

I’ve been to quite a few of these events over the past ten years.  They always get me excited at the possibilities open to someone who knows what I know about technology.

Oh, and the free swag isn’t bad either.  I’ve never walked away with anything less than nearly $200 in free stuff.  The last Microsoft event I attended was the Vista Launch Event a few years ago.  While there, I walked away with a professional version Office 2007…

You never know what you’ll receive free… one thing is for sure… you’ll learn a lot.  So if your given the opportunity to attend, I would highly recommend it.

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