Our Key West Adventure and One Moral Decision

IMG_0577Our return to the main land was immediately followed by a trip down to Key West Florida down highway 1.  Basically we enjoyed our island experiences enough to get one last island in…

Key West felt exactly like the other islands we visited this trip.  The biggest difference is we had a hotel room to retreat to and our own vehicle (this part was particularly nice!!).

One cool thing we did down there was to visit the southern most tip of the continental United States.  That’s right… way way down there… even below the Texas tip…IMG_0584

Oh, and I’m sad to report that Flipper is now missing one of his Fins… Diana ate it!!!!!!  We found a great place for dinner on Sunday night, it was called Duffy’s Lobster and Steak.  There’s a lot of those kinds of “lobster and steak” places down there… guess it’s something for everything idea…  IMG_0582Anyways, They had dolphin on the menu… so the next time you see Diana, remember to give her a hard time.  But not too much, it took her a while do decide… during which the Flipper theme song was playing in her head.  We figured eating dolphin was a moral decision in the end…



Oh, after visiting a vegan cafe for lunch… we decided to clean that out of our skin… we needed a very large all beef hamburger.  So we went straight to the Hard Rock Cafe in Key West… and yup I got that t-shirt.


Visit flickr for more pictures of Key West…
2009-03-01 Key West

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