Restart Notice

Here is a copy-cat program of my NTBackupStatus application. It is a stripped down version where if triggered shoots off an email to me… that’s it. I have it setup in Scheduled Tasks on each of the servers I manage. This task is configured to run only when the system starts up, in other words when the server restarts because they should be on 24×7.

The Premise: To help me monitor unexpected server restarts.

How It Works: This program utilizes a settings ini file which stores smtp information and login info to send the emails.

I’ve uploaded it for everyone to use on their own servers… Have Fun.

As usual, I provide no warranties and no responsibility for anything that goes wrong… However post your comments and I’ll try to help as best I can.

To Install:
Extract the zip file and copy the “HethTools” directory to the root of the C:\ Drive. Then update the RestartNotice.ini file as needed. Lastly, add a scheduled task to run the RestartNotice.exe program at system startup.

Click here to Download Source and Executable

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