NT Backup Status

So, I manage 4 Windows 2003 Servers for my customers. I have full control and decision making abilities on nearly every aspect of these servers. The biggest problem is my limited budget. Therefore often write my own programs to do various things to help in the daily administration of these systems.

The Premise: To help me monitor their backup solutions I have written NT Backup Status. It is a very simple VS 2008 VB command line application that is triggered via Scheduled Tasks every day at 8am.
I am using NTBackup to archive my customers data. This daily backup task is set to stop no matter what at 7 hours after it starts at 1am. That way my customers are not impacted by a slow unresponsive server during business hours.

How It Works: The first thing this application does is to read in the latest backup log from NTBackup. It then scans the contents for indications of failure and if found triggers an email to me.
This program utilizes a settings ini file which stores smtp information and login info to send the emails as well as the directory where NTBackup saves its log files.

I’ve uploaded it for everyone to use on their own servers… Have Fun.

As usual, I provide no warranties and no responsibility for anything that goes wrong… However post your comments and I’ll try to help as best I can.

To Install:
Extract the zip file and copy the “HethTools” directory to the root of the C:\ Drive. Then update the NTBackupStatus.ini file as needed. Lastly, add a scheduled task to run the NTBackupStatus.exe program at your desired time… typically after NTBackup has finished it’s job.

Click here to Download Source and Executable

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