7 Technology Must Have’s!

Ever wonder what technology you really need these days?  Check out this list:

iStock_000017044605XSmall1. The most important thing to spend your money on, far and above more important than cell phones, is your internet connection!  Drop your cable TV, you don’t need it, what you will need as a replacement is a very strong high speed internet connection.  If you live within Northwest Arkansas, I’d recommend Cox Cable over AT&T DSL, but AT&T Uverse takes the cake (if it’s available in your area).

2. Setup that wireless router for your fast internet connection!  This way when your within your home you can take advantage of the faster speeds for all your devices.  (don’t forget to encrypt it!)

3. Splurge on a 3g iPad!  Pay the $650 plus $30/month for unlimited access, you’ll have entertainment in the palms of your hands.  Reading, gaming, navigation, weather, the list of values goes on and on.  Oh, and remember to hook it up to your wireless router while at home.

iStock_DiskArray4. Buy a good computer with tons of hard drive space… and I mean terabytes worth.  This could be a Windows Home Server, or just a standard Dell computer you’ve augmented with additional hard drives.  This will give you plenty of space for your media which leads into step 5.

5. Convert all of your DVD’s to digital mp4 files which can be linked into iTunes.  This lets you sync with your iPad or other devices to watch your collection of movies anywhere.

6. Buy one of those $99 AppleTV’s!  This will give you access to your newly digitized DVD collection on your television set.  It also provides you with access to pictures and other media.  Even the internet is accessible along with NetFlix.

7. NetFlix.  This will give you access to a wide variety of movies and television shows which you do not have in your personal collection.  As an added bonus, you can access NetFlix on your iPad, AppleTV, and your computer!

These 7 things are all you need to have a technologically well rounded life, enjoy!

Is it me or is live television dead?

child-watching-television-silhouetteI’ve been without a live cable connection for more than 3 years.  When my then girlfriend moved in I had her convinced to do the same thing.  She’s now my wife and years later we are enjoying a television free lifestyle. 

Don’t get me wrong now… we watch plenty of videos and our 60” rear projection is on about 10-20% of the time with one more or television show on it.  But the delivery method has changed dramatically.

Back in 2003 I owned a Tivo and I absolutely loved it.  I saw it as the future of television.  How little did I know that it was the future but for a mere 3 years.

These days we watch television on either Netflix via our xBox 360 or iTunes and our video library via AppleTV.  For our on-time needs we turn to Hulu.com.  We’ve never been happier!

All of the shows and movies we watch are completely commercial free… It is amazing how much those commercials can such life out of you!!!

cablebillMy initial decision to cut the “cable” was a simple financial one.  I looked at my various media and the ever growing cost of “cable” bill.  Then it hit me… I could spend up to $100/month on movies and TV collections and outright own them.  Then I could watch them anytime I wanted!  I mean, the cable company bill had grown to $100 if you included the mid level package.

I’d highly suggest everyone make the same decision and cut the “cable” before it’s too late!