Is it me or is live television dead?

child-watching-television-silhouetteI’ve been without a live cable connection for more than 3 years.  When my then girlfriend moved in I had her convinced to do the same thing.  She’s now my wife and years later we are enjoying a television free lifestyle. 

Don’t get me wrong now… we watch plenty of videos and our 60” rear projection is on about 10-20% of the time with one more or television show on it.  But the delivery method has changed dramatically.

Back in 2003 I owned a Tivo and I absolutely loved it.  I saw it as the future of television.  How little did I know that it was the future but for a mere 3 years.

These days we watch television on either Netflix via our xBox 360 or iTunes and our video library via AppleTV.  For our on-time needs we turn to  We’ve never been happier!

All of the shows and movies we watch are completely commercial free… It is amazing how much those commercials can such life out of you!!!

cablebillMy initial decision to cut the “cable” was a simple financial one.  I looked at my various media and the ever growing cost of “cable” bill.  Then it hit me… I could spend up to $100/month on movies and TV collections and outright own them.  Then I could watch them anytime I wanted!  I mean, the cable company bill had grown to $100 if you included the mid level package.

I’d highly suggest everyone make the same decision and cut the “cable” before it’s too late! 

All new Day

Today was an interesting one… Not. Not much happened today that was all that note worthy. Today was the one of four more days at my current “day” job. Overall not bad. It was a 7am to 7pm shift where I was so engaged with what I was doing I didn’t even remember to take my lunch.
Anyways, this does lead into my overall thoughts for the past few days which are indeed technical.

My question I want to pose to the world in general… Is it time for a replacement to Facebook?

I ask because of the last several news worthy articles about Facebook have all been about their wild changes to their privacy policies. Is it just to much to ask that my private thoughts I posted for friends and family… Oh I don’t know… Remain only for their eyes?

I bring this up because of the other stories about employers researching new employees or applicants on the internet for what their online profiles look like. Now it is, as far as I know, against the law for them to hold your online persona against you when considering job applicants… But you just know it happens… Right? Am I alone in thinking that?

Anyways I was wanting to ask that for a few reasons. I have been developing a remote support software, like many others Kaseya and BigFix being just two, that can remotely manage computers. Well… Here is the thing… I just got a shiny new job at BigFix and I feel it would be not very appropriate to continue with that project as long as I worked there. I have also been slowly getting away from helping the general public with IT support problems as well.

(come on Daniel, wrap it up… LOL)

I need a new project that doesn’t clearly introduce a conflict of interest to my new job.
Thus I’m proposing that maybe I could start putting together the new replacement for Facebook… With all the security, privacy and features that everyone wants in their social networking website of choice.

I have a wonderful idea for a “privacy slider” that would be attached to every post that users make… Wether it is short Twitter-like posts, pictures, long blog articles, or even simple conversations between friends, family, coworkers and public. Everything has a privacy value that you can change at the time of posting. This way you are the master of what is public, private and who in-between can see it…

Leave your comments below… I will read each and every idea as I’m excited to maybe work on the new and improved

Computer Support

pissed-off-magnet-c13110245If you’re a computer person, i.e.: someone who knows anything about  fixing computers, it doesn’t take long before you are enlisted by friends and family to fix their computers.  This is all fine and dandy.  Many of us are more than willing to assist with the day to day problems of friends and family because of our relationship.

Now, forward this on to present day.  Lets say you are a computer person who has turned his or her hobby into a business.  That’s right… you are treating people you just met as a friend, helping them with their computer.  The only difference now is this is your livelihood.  You depend on people paying their bill for you to survive.  If they don’t pay, you can’t live the lifestyle you want, which means you must now get a “real job” in order to support yourself… which leaves less time to help those “new friends” who aren’t paying their bills.

Business Lesson Learned:  When it get’s to the point where people are not paying their bill, remember, you provided the service and they owe the money.  That is the agreement that was made at the beginning and that is the way it remains.  You performed the work now they owe you.  If they don’t pay…. step 1:  stop helping them!  They will never pay you if you keep helping them.  The “new” problem is a good motivator for them to pay you what is owed.  Now, if they agree to pay, be sure to get the past due amount and the new charges in advance of performing the work!  This part is important!!  Anybody will pay the past due to get help but the new charges may be even more than the past due ones… now your screwed again for a larger amount.  Calvin-bad-moodHey, this person has a history of not paying their bill… duh… get it in advance.  step 2.  If they still don’t pay, send them to a collections agency.  Remember you performed the work, they agreed to pay but didn’t.  You did your part, and they are not doing theirs.  This exact situation is exactly why collections agencies were invented.

Enough venting for now… just remember if your a computer person and you do work with the agreement of getting paid… then you deserve to be paid.

Look at it this way… the whole reason you quit your “real job” in the first place is because you found ways of making more money in business for yourself…