Show Hidden Network Connection in your virtual machine (via Zeros & Ones)

When you change VM configuration file or copy the VHD file you may face problem that IP you enterned for the new connection is already assigned. That is because the VM has the old NIC but hidden. To work around this behavior and display devices when you click Show hidden devices: Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt. At a command prompt, type the following command , and then press ENTER: set devm … Read More

via Zeros & Ones

Installing BigFix Client onto SuSE 11

Here is how to install BigFix onto SuSE 11…


rpm -ivh compat-2007.4.18-31.i586.rpm
rpm -ivh compat-libstdc++-5.0.7-86.i586.rpm
rpm -ivh BESAgent-8.0.627.0-suse80.i386.rpm

then wget your masthead and put into /etc/opt/BESClient/actionsite.afxm

then start it with /etc/init.d/besclient start


OpenSuSE: Disable firewall

Disable firewall completelyI was wondering… why I can’t connect through ssh. sshd daemon is running fine, so I found out that OpenSuSE installs its stikin’ firewall by default and blocks everything. I’m pretty well protected behind enough high end security devices, and don’t need to micro-manage my connection. Here is how I disabled the firewall altogether:

/sbin/SuSEfirewall2 offTo start the firewall:

/sbin/SuSEfirewall2 onIf you want to temporarily disable your firewall:

/etc/init.d/SuSEfirewall2_setup stopEnter the above line without “stop” and you will see all available switches.


Motorcycle Accessories

cc_masthead_logo_dbOne of my hobbies is to ride!  My 2007 Honda Shadow C2 Shadow-Spirit has nearly 16000 miles on it.  I love riding that thing and love to accessorize as well.

The best website I’ve found for accessories is Cruiser Customizing.

If it is my birthday or happens to be a gifting opportunity… feel free to browse thru my wishlist at that site…

Cruising… and Loving It!

This post is actually costing me money to do… .55 cents/minute to be exact.  Wi-Fi service here is not something you get to linger and use on a whim.  Good thing I got the Windows Live Writer… I’m writing this post off-line.  Then once complete and I’m happy with what i see, I’ll jump online and hit publish… Yay for technology…

Well back to the actual post… 😉


Here we are watching the ship leave Miami… you can see Miami beach there in the background.  There were lots of people stopped along that highway to say bye… and lots of honking.  But not sure if they were honking at the ships… or each other.  Traffic was horrible as we watched from the boat.  We even got to see a car ferry loading up to ferry cars across to somewhere…  The ship left almost on-time… this unfortunately caused the automatic cancelation of our first excursion.  That’s alright though, we’ve decided to do a little jewelry shopping… free-style.


I should mention the international law that all of us had to do… Before leaving port everyone had to strap on their life vests hidden in a closet in their room and proceed to the emergency deck where we were all lined up pretty for the cameras as proof of participation… It was entertaining for a little bit… and only took about 30minutes.  See these are the things they don’t tell you about… LOL.


Oh, and did I mention this ship is really really big!!! There are 15 decks open to the genera public and untold number of decks below that.  Other than the bridge, all the other upper decks are available to the general public.  I’m really curious how they number the decks below the public decks… do they have a deck 0, or –1, etc… LOL.

During the cruise Diana and I did learn that the “Freedom Of The Seas” is the largest cruise ship in the world… guess that means that all other cruises we take will not live up to this one…

We are having an absolutely wonderful time… relaxing enjoying ourselves immensely.  Diana is off at IMG_0120the Freedom Day Spa for an Algae Detox… whatever that is… we both don’t know. She’ll fill me in when she gets back. 

I’ll post more as the vacation continues… When I’m back on an internet connection that doesn’t cost as much… I’ll find a way to post all of our pictures…

Love Ya’ll