Installing MDM onto your iOS devices.

The following step-by-step process demonstrates how to install/configure MDM on your iOS devices… iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

1. Visit using your mobile device. Step 1 of 13
2. Click "Continue to this website (not recommended)" if prompted. Step 2 of 13
3. Click the "SSL certificate" link towards the bottom. Step 3 of 13
4. Click the "Install" button on the "Install Profile" screen. Step 4 of 13
5. Click the "Install" button on the "Warning" screen. Step 5 of 13
6. If you have a password set, you will need to enter it now and hit "Done". Step 6 of 13
7. Click the "Done" button on the "Profile Installed" screen, you will be returned to Sarfari. Step 7 of 13
8. Enter your email address, choose Device Ownership value and click the "Enroll" button. Step 8 of 13
9. Click the "Install" button on the "Install Profile" screen. Step 9 of 13
10. Click the "Install Now" button within the popup box. Step 10 of 13
11. If you have a password set, you will need to enter it now. Step 11 of 13
12. Click the "Install" button one more time for the "Warning" screen and your done. Step 12 of 13
13. Click "Done" and your all finished. Step 13 of 13

Motorcycle iPad Navigation!

My birthday was yesterday and I decided to get a technology enablement product… an iPad mount for my motorcycle.  I found exactly what I was looking for over at  Here is a few images of the mounted product.

IMG_2157   IMG_2153

I opted for the lockable version so I can stop at a gas station or someplace and not have to take my iPad with me every time I go into the store.  It was very convenient that I already had a few pieces, so I only needed to pick up the following two pieces:

IMG_21551. RAM Mount Plastic Locking Apple iPad/iPad2 Mount Cradle

2. RAM Mount Locking Knob


imageNow that I have it mounted and working great, I downloaded the CoPilot HD app for $30.


I had it mounted in minutes during my afternoon break.  Now I’ll need to plan a long motorcycle trip to give it a good test.