Basic setup for Red Hat Fedora 14

You CAN use the windows rdp program to connect into Red Hat Fedora 14.  Here is a link to the instructions:

Don’t forget to configure the service to startup during system boot…


You may also need to add yourself to the sudoers file… The setup is simple:

[mirandam@charon ~]$ su Password: <— Enter root password [root@charon mirandam]# chmod +w /etc/sudoers [root@charon mirandam]# echo ‘mirandam ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL’ >> /etc/sudoers [root@charon mirandam]# chmod -w /etc/sudoers [root@charon mirandam]# exit



Tivoli Endpoint Manager Software…

download client from:

see when trying to start

Red Hat Fedora 14 and BigFix Client Software

Finally got the client working on my Fedora 14 test box…

basically following the instructions on the bigfix website:

Ran into a problem with the basic instructions though… a fresh install of Fedora 14 apparently has additional restrictions and would not allow the libBEScrypto library to function properly… i got the following error while attempting to launch the BESClient:

[root@fedora1 BESClient]# /etc/init.d/besclient start Starting BESClient: /opt/BESClient/bin/BESClient: error while loading shared libraries: cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: Permission denied

As it turns out the solution was simple… and i’m working via the BigFix forum thread ( to explain to me why it worked… but basically to get the client started and working I had to run the following command:

setsebool -P allow_execstack 1

then using the “/etc/init.d/besclient start”, the client started right up…