New Flickr Picture Browsing Site

I did it again! I went looking for a way to easily get links to the picture I publish to flickr for my blog articles. Sadly I couldn’t find what I wanted. So after a few hours of searching I gave up and created one of my own.

Let’s all welcome

The value I’m adding here is the ability to type in any flickr user’s name and see an infinite scrolling list of their photo stream. Click on any of the images and you’ll see all the various versions Flickr image sizes along with buttons to copy into your clipboard.

I’m using ByWord on my Mac to create blog articles… so there’s an extra button to click to get properly formatted image code for pasting directly into my article.

If you find this website useful… leave a comment. If you have other formats you’d like me to provide easy buttons for… leave a comment for that too.

Hope you guys find the site as useful as I do!

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