New Flickr Picture Browsing Site

I did it again! I went looking for a way to easily get links to the picture I publish to flickr for my blog articles. Sadly I couldn’t find what I wanted. So after a few hours of searching I gave up and created one of my own.

Let’s all welcome

The value I’m adding here is the ability to type in any flickr user’s name and see an infinite scrolling list of their photo stream. Click on any of the images and you’ll see all the various versions Flickr image sizes along with buttons to copy into your clipboard.

I’m using ByWord on my Mac to create blog articles… so there’s an extra button to click to get properly formatted image code for pasting directly into my article.

If you find this website useful… leave a comment. If you have other formats you’d like me to provide easy buttons for… leave a comment for that too.

Hope you guys find the site as useful as I do!

Installing Tanium v6.1

Installing Tanium is actually really easy and I’m going to make it even easier by walking you through the express installation of the product.

In the following article I’ll provide you with the various screen shots for the express installation of Tanium v6.1.314.2342 and I’ll call out screens that may need additional explainations. Let’s get started!
I assume you’ve already acquired the installation executable from your Technical Account Manager or Sales person…
Double click it to launch the installer. If you’re installing onto a Windows 2008r2 server, like I am here, you may need to click yes to the UAC request dialog:
This virtual computer I’m installing our server onto, does not have an MSSQL server installed, so we’ll choose to install the MSSQL Express Edition.
We’ll have to agree to Microsoft’s EULA…
I’ve chosen to download and install updates to MSSQL here.
I’m also using the default options…
Leave the named instance settings as is.
As well as the service configuration settings…
We only support Windows authentication so choosing between only Windows Auth or both is up to you.
Now… back to the Tanium installation… choose the Express Install.
Provide your windows credentials for the initial user. If your server is linked to a domain, it can be a domain login (does not need to be an admin or anything). If your server is NOT on a domain, simply provide one of the local accounts username/passwords to continue.
All done!

The express installation of our product creates a self signed certificate for the console, so you’ll need to agree to continue.
Log in with the username/password you specified earler…
When you have successfully logged in, an initial content load will occur. This means your server is downloading a “starter” pack of content (sensors, packages, dashboards, etc) which will get you started with the product immediately. This process does take several minutes, so please be patient.
Once the content load is complete, you’ll get to play around with the product!

Currently you do not have any endpoints to work with. I’ll release another article very soon which explains a few ways of getting agent installed onto your computers.