New Mac Enthusiast

It’s official enough that I’m willing to announce it. I am now a Mac person. During this past summer I traded my motorcycle for a Macbook Air and a few other gadgets and some cash for savings. This Macbook Air was used off and on as a place for me to develop the community content and as a way to separate work projects from personal ones. This worked out well, but it still was no where as equivalent to my desktop computer which was an i7 with 16gb ram and a SSD. The Macbook Air had a paltry i3, 4gb of ram and an SSD.
Since leaving IBM, I have since purchased the latest Macbook Pro (late 2013) with a retina screen and fully equipped… i7, 16gb ram and a 512mb SSD. Now this is a competitive piece of hardware and it’s portable.
I have since done everything on this new Mac, and what I can’t do here I remote into one of the dozen or so workstations and servers at my disposal. I even built the new Tanium community using PHP, jQuery, Ajax, Javascript and CSS using a very nice Mac app called Coda 2.
There is very little that I haven’t been able to do. If you haven’t tried a Mac before, I would challenge you to purchase a Macbook. Don’t forget to double-down and pay the extra to max out your configuration… you won’t be sorry!

One thought on “New Mac Enthusiast

  1. I have the same system, and I love it. I like being able to develop & test for Mac / Windows / Linux all on the same laptop. I do most everything in OS X, but I do use Parallels for running VMs quite often, and occasionally bootcamp. I do think the 13inch retina macbook is an amazing laptop.

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