Champions for Kids: Feed Them Well!


Did You Know?

• 17 million children in the United States are food insecure, meaning that they do not know where or when they will receive their next meal.
• Food insecure households are 15 times more likely than food secure households to have obtained food from a food pantry. Food insecure households are also 19 times more likely than food secure households to have eaten a meal at an emergency kitchen this year.
• For many low-income children and families, food pantries provide a lifeline during the summer months when children no longer receive free school breakfasts and lunches. Because of this need, food pantries are often strained to provide more assistance to children and families who are struggling to put their next meal on the table.

Ways YOU Can Help!

GATHER your friends, family, students, and co-workers by hosting a Summer Food Rally at your school, workplace, or community center. Ask each person to bring nutritious nonperishable food items to donate to a local food pantry in your community.

LEARN about the summer hunger needs of children in your community by inviting a teacher, social worker, food pantry employee, or homeless shelter volunteer to talk with your friends, family, students, and co-workers.

GIVE the food items that you collected to a local food pantry to help kids have a happier and healthier summer!

Send us your Report and Photos at so that we can celebrate your participation! How many people became Champions for Kids at the Summer Rally? How many food items did you collect? Join our team of Champions for Kids and receive your personalized certificate of victory!


I Am One of Millions, Join Me!