Submitted My Windows 8 App for their Contest

This afternoon I have finally completed my Metro style Windows 8 application.  I’m still entering data into the database, but the app itself is completed.  When the app is launched it pulls that data and displays it to the users.

Here are a few screen shots of my application:

My application is based on the House of Representatives.  It allows you to quickly discover your congress person and provides you with contact information including Twitter, Facebook and other links they’ve shared on their websites.

The contest started here:

If I win, I will be included in the first round of apps added to the new Microsoft App store… very exciting!

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Submitted My Windows 8 App for their Contest

  1. Nope, afraid I didn’t make the cut… I congradulate all those who did. I plan on continuing to develop my app and publish it to the new MS app store once it’s opened. I think it will be pretty awesome to have an app out there. It also gives me the chance to develop for other platforms as well. The hardest part of my app was the “backend”. The database and collecting all that information by hand. I can put that to good use by developing an iPhone app as well as other platforms.

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