Free Onscreen Ruler


On occasion I’ve needed the ability to keep track of my location on the screen.  Since I have multiple screens, that typically involved me putting my finger on one screen while clicking or typing on another screen. 

Along time ago I had a small utility which puts a ruler on the screen which I could move around with my mouse.  This was a fantastic utility and very useful.  Today I went looking and found someone wrote a different program which does what I wanted even better.  A Ruler for Windows was written by Rob Latour and available at

Here’s my step-by-step installation guide for this utility:







The installation was so fast, I wasn’t able to get a progress screen… LOL


Once finished, I’ve launched the application and see this. Now I can have my bank website up on one screen and my Quicken money software up on the other screen… and quickly/easily reconcile my accounts.  Thanks Rob!


If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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