My first experience with Windows 8

Not so good…

Launching the News tile left me trapped. The Done button does not do what I’d expect… which is to close the news feed and return me to the Tiles screen.


A classic Crtl-Alt-Del allowed me to access the task manager where I was able to kill the news feed.



While I’m here… let’s look at the improvements of one of my favorite tools… Task Manager.

After a tad bit of research, and button pushing… I found that closing out of any of the tile’d apps in Windows 8 was easy… push the Windows key on your keyboard and your back to the “Start” or tile screen.

(This forum was helpful in finding the information I needed!)


Leave your comments and questions below!

One thought on “My first experience with Windows 8

  1. This is a really nice blog, Dan. I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Your site really helped me with some issues I was having trying to install Windows on my PC.

    Keep up the great work! I’ve bookmarked the site for further reading!

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