Motorcycle iPad Navigation!

My birthday was yesterday and I decided to get a technology enablement product… an iPad mount for my motorcycle.  I found exactly what I was looking for over at  Here is a few images of the mounted product.

IMG_2157   IMG_2153

I opted for the lockable version so I can stop at a gas station or someplace and not have to take my iPad with me every time I go into the store.  It was very convenient that I already had a few pieces, so I only needed to pick up the following two pieces:

IMG_21551. RAM Mount Plastic Locking Apple iPad/iPad2 Mount Cradle

2. RAM Mount Locking Knob


imageNow that I have it mounted and working great, I downloaded the CoPilot HD app for $30.


I had it mounted in minutes during my afternoon break.  Now I’ll need to plan a long motorcycle trip to give it a good test.