Synergy Demo

Have you ever used the Synergy software KM (not KVM) product?  A while back I put together a video for another blog I was writing for at the time.  Not sure if it went anywhere since I was kind of flakey on the whole blogging thing.  But figured I’d share that video with you guys..


Synergy KM Demo

2 thoughts on “Synergy Demo

  1. Nice video demonstration. If you are a Windows shop, I prefer Input Directory which has more perks than Synergy especially where it supports a “shared” clipboard, in which you can copy data (including files) onto the clipboard on one system, transition across to another and paste.

  2. I am currently using Input Director on my latest Office configuration. I have a few comments about it however…

    1. The shared clipboard is nice when it works. Often I find when I need it to work it doesn’t. I also have to be careful when copying large amounts of data since this takes a while to copy across to the other system.
    2. I’m disappointed that i can only assign systems with a side by side or up and down configuration. I have multiple sized monitors which do not sit on my desk exactly perfect. Within Input Directory the monitors are all treated as if they were on one of two axis.
    3. The initial setup of Input Director is significantly easier to do as compared to Synergy. The simple drag/drop interface of Input Director is a welcome change from the numbers game i have to play with Synergy.
    4. I am indeed a fan of the waves that eminate from my mouse as i pass from one monitor to the next. This makes it easy to keep working with the confidence.
    5. The syncronized locking feature is also a very welcome feature with Input Director.

    Overall I am pleased more with Input Director than I am with Synergy. I should probably put together a demonstration on this software next, uh…

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