CentOS 5 and the BigFix Client

Installing this was a bit more difficult compared to the easy as pie SuSE and the Fedora 14 installs…

Following the instructions for the RedHat install, but downloading the CentOS client from the BigFix website (http://support.bigfix.com/bes/install/besclients-nonwindows.html)

Couldn’t get it to start and unlike Fedora 14, I received no indication as to what the problem was…
After solving the Fedora 14 install problem, I figured I’d try the same solution and I was successful…

Using the “setsebool -P allow_execstack 1” command, i was able to get it working finally… see (https://danielheth.com/2010/11/13/red-hat-fedora-14-and-bigfix-client-software/) for details.

Also reference (http://forum.bigfix.com/viewtopic.php?pid=25813#p25813) for additional information…

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