CoolStorage Parameters and Filtering

The documentation for the CoolStorage product is severely lacking!!!  Thus I have decided to document within my blog the stuff they did not or cool things I’ve come across regarding this wonderful database product.

The latest undocumented features of this product are surrounding the parameters feature.  Examine the following code:

    CSList<QuestionResults> objs = QuestionResults.List("SiteID=@s", "@s", "554478");

This is an example of the documented way they describe how to use parameters.

However there is an undocumented way to use parameters:

    CSList<QuestionResults> objs = QuestionResults.List("ResultsText like @r", "@r", "Win7%");

As you can see the “like” can be used to query strings for their content. You can even use the “%” as the expected “like” wild card.

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