Yay for Kaseya!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  I’ve been hard at work over the last six months on my business:  Moran IT.  Designing an MSP business is a lot of work.  What is an MSP you may ask, it’s an acronym for Managed Services Provider.   What that means is I can use a very small piece of software to manage your computer remotely and in an automated fashion.  On a special console I can see all of the computers that my company is responsible for, from there I can schedule scripts and other processes to keep customer computers working flawlessly.  The software I’m using to do this is from Kaseya (http://www.kasaya.com)

One of the things I plan to post here are different ideas for scripts, supporting programs, and such that I use to manage my customers computers.

Well… the first one I didn’t write, but I’ll provide a link to their blog with the details… but basically to manage the Low Disk Space alerts from customers computers can be a labor intensive thing.  Tullibo has come up with an automated way of fixing that… Click Here:  http://www.tullibo.com/2009/10/29/low-disk-space-alerts-kaseya/

If you’re interested in my company or how we can help customers manage their computers visit us at http://www.ManageMyComputer.com