Linking Windows Live Writer with Twitter

Over the past few weeks I have been covered up.  I have been busy with all the updating of my various social networking websites with notices that I have just written a new blog post.

So I went searching and found multiple ways to solve my problems.  Below are several of my favorite plug-ins for Windows Live Writer:

1. TWITTER NOTIFY (Download)
Automatically generates a tiny URL and sends a Tweet about your blog post after you publish it from Writer.

2. FLICKR UPLOAD (Download)
Uploads an image to your Flickr account and inserts an inline picture into your post.

3. DIGG THIS (Download)
Automatically adds a DiggThis badge to your blog post after you publish it from Writer.

With a simple, Insert->Paste from Visual Studio, and a colored source code appears within my blog post… no special work. 

I have already linked my Facebook into my WordPress blog together using the built-in features of Facebook.

The other small problem I have is finding the right pictures related to my blog post contents… Often I’m searching Google for just the right picture to sum-up my words… To help with this I use Zemanta – This lets you find images related to content that you are currently composing in Live Writer.







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