BITrac Remote Services

companylogo1 is the name of my new company.  I have partnered up with 4 other engineers in my industry to provide the easiest way to support our customers.  Using our BITrac Agent software, we are able to run audits on your computers that keep you informed on the latest developments with your computer

We have an engineer standing by 24×7 to help you remotely or in-person.  With  our remote services, we can log into your computer and we can share your desktop with you.  Give you the ability to see what we’re doing; combining this with a conference call we can tell you what we’re doing along with showing you.  Thus you become trained in the in’s and out’s of your computer system.

We make it easy and we hide nothing.  We are way more than happy to explain any aspect of what we’re doing to get your computer system running again.

We are waiting to help… call 479-935-9801

Oh and did I mention you can also get remote access into any of your computers.  Yes, you can also gain access to the same great remote-software we use to help you.  By going to and entering the username/password we provided you ahead of time you can gain access to creating trouble-tickets for your computer as well as gaining access to the desktop.

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