Lounging on the Beach in St. Martin

During our third island adventure, we docked in a port in St. Maarten (the Dutch side), then jumped onto a bus headed to St. Martin (the French side).  Along the way we learned all kinds of information about the island like the war that IMG_0263separated the island into two halves and the rich history and culture of the area.  In this picture we’re waiting for our tour to begin.  We were to meet on the pier then be transported to the beach.

IMG_0300Although we visited the beach in St. Thomas, we liked the one on St. Martin much better.  In this one we arrived at the beach with a lounge chair, cushion, and a beach umbrella (the umbrella was a $3 rental… but well worth it!!).  Diana got to read her IMG_0349book, and I took pictures of the pretty girls “for the guys at work”.  Here’s a picture for all those “guys at work”.

One thought on “Lounging on the Beach in St. Martin

  1. Shame, shame, Danny. You should be taking more pictures of the pretty lady beside you instead! 😛

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