Exhaustion in St. Thomas


Our adventures in St. Thomas was near exhaustion.  We went on the Ultimate Island Experience… and it sure was.  First thing in the morning (10am, LOL) we jumped onto an IMG_0183open-air tour truck and headed into town.  We passed by lots of cultural land marks and learned all kinds of history.  We stopped by several scenic overlooks on our way to the beach.

Our beach visit was in Megan’s BayIMG_0193.  The bus stopped at an overlook where we got to take a wonderful photo of it before going down to the beach.


The beach was nice except for one problem… the people.  There were way too many people at this beach.  It was obvious that this was the most popular beach destination on the entire island.  Not only was it crowded… but it was expensive.  it would have cost us $40 for 2 hamburgers, fries and drinks.  Luckily we were able to wait till we returned to the ship where the food was “free”.


Our final stop on the tour was a visit to Black Beards Castle.  A wonderfully refurbished home, pools, and sanctuary for pirates… LOL.


This place also has the largest number of life sized pirate statues in the world. 

Finally we got to go shopping… free stuff for sure.  We used the “Port & Shopping” tips we received on the boat to get all kinds of wonderful jewelry and other gifts completely free.  We also purchased one or two items to add to Diana’s jewelry collection.  Jewelry was the one thing we’ve bought the most of on our cruise…  Diana’s definitely loving that 😉

We’ll post more later… Love you all.

One thought on “Exhaustion in St. Thomas

  1. Good Heavens, $40 for something you can get at McDonald’s for $5??? Sheesh. It better be made of some dadgummed Heavenly cows treated like gods or something. I want to see some of that jewelry when you guys get back.

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