Microsoft Live Mesh Services

So, I’ve been using the Live Mesh services for a while now…


and never did understand exactly what it did.  I basically used this software as a backup-remote desktop program.  Whenever i needed to access my desktop while out at another computer, I’d log into and connect into the desktop of my system.  I was able to avoid having to upgrade the Home-OS on my desktop this way.

I’m just now learning about the power of the folder syncing feature.  It is kind of a new way of thinking of folders.  The main type is to have a folder synced from your computer and the Live Desktop.  Any folder on the Live Desktop can then be synced to any of the devices.  I guess the best way to describe the benefits here is to give an example:

You have a “My Files” folder synced with my netbook and my desktop with the Live Desktop.    I’m on my desktop and edit a new word document.  I save that document into the “My Files” folder.  It will automatically sync to the Live Desktop.    I leave my office and bring my netbook with me… I move out to the local park, sign into my 3g internet connection and live mesh auto-signs in.  It then initiates a sync and the new document i created on my desktop is synced…

I edit the new doc a bit, save it and return to my desktop where it has already synced.

This has multiple applications and some exciting possibilities like music playlists shared between all your “mesh linked” devices. 

Another example might be I have my windows mobile phone synced into mesh.  I take a picture with my phone… it is auto-synced with the live desktop… thus accessible anywhere on any of my other devices…

The power and potential is impressive.  I’m very excited to see what will come out that will utilize this power.


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