HP Mini Restore Problem… Solved!!!

Recently I installed Windows 7 Beta on my netbook, then wanted to test the restore process to get it back to Windows XP.  I used the windows home server to backup my netbook originally and to backup the installation of windows 7.  This, I thought, would allow me to jump back and forth between XP and W7 at will.

The biggest problem happened though.  The windows home server bootable restore wizard doesn’t recognize my netbooks LAN card.  Thus making restores impossible.

I was distracted for a short time while I exchanged the netbook for another with a WWAN card.  But now I’m back and solved the restore problem.

A long time ago I purchased a copy of Acronis TrueImage Workstation, a backup/restore solution I was using to backup customers hard drives. 

I used it to create a bootable disk on one USB thumb drive, and used a second much larger thumb drive to backup my XP image.

Now I can restore my XP drive at will… Yay!!!  Thus giving me the comfort level to move forward with additional Windows 7 testing.

2 thoughts on “HP Mini Restore Problem… Solved!!!

  1. I installed Win 7 Beta in a virtual environment. Not to see if it would break anything, but to see if it was substantially different than Vista. I didn’t have any issues and I was not seeing a whole that is different.

  2. I know how to fix this.
    I installed winrar on my working PC, went to the website for my model on HP, found the setup files for windows xp, downloaded them, extracted them to a directory (with winara installed, you simply click extract to directory), copied those files to a USB stick, and used wintoflash to make USB restore stick, then copied the driver directory to the root of it (e:\ for example), when it detects your devices, you click more info or some such (the OTHER option other than continue) and it says “install drivers”, and allow it to scan your attached bootable thumbdrive. It will find the drivers and allow you to continue.

    You CANNOT DO THIS OFF WIFI!, Connect to a LAN cable on your WHS is on.
    The network card may not be on at boot, make sure your boot options allow for booting off the ethernet card.
    So when you hit F9, select your network card, let it do its thing for about 3 seconds, then Ctrl-Alt-Delete, then F9 and select your USB thumb drive. Then do the above steps.

    Please repost this wherever, and IDK if you take credit…


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