Windows Home Server Programming

There is an awful lot of crap to wade through when you want to program a console application with a tab and settings section.

Here is an extremely basic breakdown of what you’ll need before starting to program.

1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

2. Microsoft Windows SDK available at: (Specifically the ORCA tool)

3. A Windows Home Server… of course.

4. Idea for a project… (here is a link to the sample project the MSDN site stepped me through creating)

5. Lastly the HomeServerExt.dll and Microsoft.HomeServer.SDK.Interop.v1.dll files copied from your WHS c:\program files\Windows Home Server directory.


Once you have all of these things, you’ll be ready to program… I think… I’m gotten thru all of the project stuff, created my installer, but I didn’t have the Windows SDK before hand.  I’m downloading/installing it now in order to do the final step of using ORCA to edit the msi file so WHS will recognize it as an Add-In.

For additional references and info on programming for your home server… checkout Microsofts website:

Initial Impressions of Windows 7

I’ve just finished installing Windows 7 onto my HP Mini 1000 NetBook.  My initial thoughts are very cool.  It is running just as fast as Windows XP Home that came with the system.

First problem I ran into is the bluetooth communications with my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000… it doesn’t work!!!  This kind of frustrating.  The second thing I’ve noticed, is although the touchpad does work… the button to disable it doesn’t.  Guess I’ll have to install the latest drivers for it…

More later… 😉

Time to Upgrade… Windows 7 Beta

Welp, it’s now time I upgrade.  I worked 12 hours each day this weekend so I only had time enough to sleep which I didn’t get much of.

I completed the download of both the 64bit and 32bit versions of Windows 7 Beta. 

I’ve used the WHS backup utility to get an exact copy of my mini thus far.

Now I’m using PowerISO to extract the iso files, load them onto one my many external hard drives and will boot to it via USB on the Mini.

I’m not a fan of the Upgrade Option, so I’ll format the mini’s hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 7… wish me luck.