My Blog has Moved!

wlwI decided to move my blog to a different host.  Largely because of the Windows Live Writer and the iPhone WordPress app.  Neither of them was working properly with my old web host due to the fact they wouldn’t recompile their version of apache to fix the tags error.

The move is a good thing and a bad thing.  I have plenty of storage space for pictures and such which is good.  I can use the WLW and iPhone app to post new entries which is really good.  The bad thing I have found out is the limitation of customization.  I can’t use the theme I’ve grown used to… ;-(

All in all I’d say the move is a good one.  Now I can work on posts as drafts saved to my NetBook.  Easily editing them whenever I have the desire and anywhere I am.

Of the various editors I’ve encountered… the Windows Live Writer is one of the very best.  I keep up to date with the latest version too

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