Did I mention I own an iPhone 1st Gen?

iphone Yup, that’s right… I’m a first generation iPhone Owner and I’m here to say YAY!!!
It seems everyone is all up and happy about the iPhone 3g… The 2nd generation of Apple’s iPhone franchise. Yes it has 3g internet access, GPS, and more mega pixels in it’s camera… but who cares!
My iPhone 1g does exactly what I need… provide a portal to the information, games, oh, I don’t know… phone features.
Besides… when my 2year contract comes up in early 2010 I’ll be in the best spot to jump onto the iPhone 3rd generation band wagon… Or at least my fingers are crossed that a new iPhone will be released in August 2009.
In the mean time I’ll share what I’ve found on the internet regarding my old faithful iPhone 1g…
Over at AppleSource.com.au someone decided to disect their iPhone 1g: