FREE!!! LCARS Operating System Shell – Source

Hello everyone… that’s right… Here’s a link to the source code to my most popular internet program… the LCARS Operating System Shell Source… completely FREE of charge… Do what you will with it… Just please mention where you got it… This source code is for Visual Studio 2008… has lots of warnings regarding functions not returning values because they should really be subs… but just ignore them… open the “LOSS Core.sln” solution file… it links a bunch of different projects together… lots of DLLs.


UPDATE:  If you’re looking for the installer for the latest release, look no further…

25 thoughts on “FREE!!! LCARS Operating System Shell – Source

  1. Hey old friend. I see the LCARS designs are still up. I’m back in FL. ( Gotta love the ocean views ) I been trying to call you for about a year.. Hope your ok and doing well. Good to see the site is still running. 🙂

    LCARS Designer

  2. I was gathering notes and heavy digging found a

    specification for the lcars curves, colors and layout.

  3. Ok, i’ve fixed the link to the source code and added a link to the installer.
    Once DNS updates the links should start working again.

    The LCARS stuff is on the back burner due to my new job, thus i’m workin it as i have time.

  4. What is everyone interested in here? Is it programming controls? LCARS related source code? the program itself maybe?
    Let me know what everyone is after here and i’ll see about adding additional content related to it.

  5. Sorry, i’ve been forced to move a few times and i had to cancel the server that i was using to host the zip files.

    The files have been fixed and are now back online… enjoy.

  6. I have DL’ed all the files, then extracted all files. But there is no, ‘Run’ program… Currently, all the files for this is in my, ‘Downloads’ section. Why is there no run Icon? I would appreciate any assistance. 🙂

  7. Within the file is the Visual Studio 2008 source code to the very latest version of the program. It includes lots of controls and such to allow you to keep developing.
    Inside of is the installer version for the newest release (IE: last release that was made) of the installer for the program.

  8. I have just started work on LOSS 2012. It will be an exclusively x64 bit version and built upon .NET Framework 4.0! Good things coming down the pipeline this year!

  9. DanielHeth
    I just found your site – and am impressed with your programing so far. I am excited that you are building a LOSS 2012 on the x64 bit platform. It should be very cool.

    Was wondering if you have intended in building a working OS like the lcars system. I’m sure you have thought it would be WONDERFUL to have the real deal –

    I have played a bit with the various free OS’s that are out there on the net. Even loaded a stripped down version of the Android OS onto a pc. Very hard to use that way – but it worked.

    REGARDLESS – Wanted to say – GREAT JOB. If I had any programing knowledge – I would deffinatly try to help or offer tips and advise – BUT I DON”T – so I just have to admire what you have done.

    Thanks for keeping this going.

  10. Would it be safe to assume that if I’m running Windows 7 64 bit I should wait for your improved version of Loss 2012? I’ve been a fan of Star Trek for over 35 years and would love to have a functional version of the lcars interface running on my desktop box!

  11. Hey, what a lot of memories this brings back 🙂 Long discussions about LCARS merits over ICQ many moons ago. Still digging LCARS, I love tinkering with it still.

  12. Hello there, I have visited your site a few times and I am a big fan of the LCARS system.
    I have been looking for a good LCARS shell for quite some time but alas I find that most are just not upto scratch. I did manage to view your demo of the LCARS LOSS 2005 program which I found rather exciting. I now see that you posted that you were working on a new updated version (LOSS 2012) Did you finish it and is it available? (I hope so)

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