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Migrating BigFix v8.1 Root Server

In a previous article I described how to install the pre-requisites for BigFix v8.1.  In this article I’ll demonstrate the process for installing the root server and attaching it to a previously existing database.  I’ll be following the How to

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Installing Tivoli Endpoint Manager (BigFix) Client 8.1.617

Continuing with my installation step-by-step series, I’ll be installing the BigFix client version 8.1.617.0.  This relates to my BigFix Personal Lab infrastructure.  Get your own trial version of BigFix at the Corp website. First locate your installer of the client

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Create a New Virtual with Hyper-V

The simplest way to create a virtual using Hyper-V and Windows 2008r2 SP1 and its Dynamic Memory feature.   Now let’s modify the dynamic memory features to allow the virtual to take advantage of the new Dynamic Memory allowed by

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Installing BigFix v8.1 Pre-requisites

First thing you’ll need is the BigFix installable package available at:  Although these screenshots relate to version 8.1, the pre-requisites part of the installation demonstrated here does not change all that much. You will also need to remember to

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Tivoli Endpoint Manager (BigFix) Task Properties

As a professional services engineer for BigFix, I’ve written my share of custom Fixlets, Tasks, and Analyses.  During that time I’ve learned a lot about how the home office developers fill in the blanks related to designing your custom task.

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Basic setup for Red Hat Fedora 14

You CAN use the windows rdp program to connect into Red Hat Fedora 14.  Here is a link to the instructions: Don’t forget to configure the service to startup during system boot…   You may also need to add

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Helpful BigFix/QnA Tip: Launching QnA on Linux

Vanilla installs of the BigFix client will include QnA for development and debugging purposes.  But one problem… if you try to launch it you receive the following error: qna: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file:

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Using BigFix for Antivirus Detection

Looking to validate that your endpoints have some kind of antivirus program running? Try this really long BigFix Relevance Statement designed to detect many major antivirus programs like Microsoft Security Essentials, Symantec, Trend Micro, Spohos, CA eTrust, McAfee, and AVG

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BigFix Endpoint – First Check-in Property

Here’s a quick tip for BigFix users… Want to know when a computer first checked into your deployment? Try creating a new global property: First Check-in = subscribe time of current site have it evaluated every 30 days (this value

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CentOS 5 and the BigFix Client

Installing this was a bit more difficult compared to the easy as pie SuSE and the Fedora 14 installs… Following the instructions for the RedHat install, but downloading the CentOS client from the BigFix website ( Couldn’t get it to

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