New Flickr Picture Browsing Site

I did it again! I went looking for a way to easily get links to the picture I publish to flickr for my blog articles. Sadly I couldn’t find what I wanted. So after a few hours of searching I

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Installing Tanium v6.1

Installing Tanium is actually really easy and I’m going to make it even easier by walking you through the express installation of the product. In the following article I’ll provide you with the various screen shots for the express installation

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New Screen Capture Website

I’ve just finished building a brand new website called The purpose of this site is to provide image screen captures of websites. The key differentiator for this new site is I’m providing https as well as http access to

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Tanium How-to SigCheck

If you’ve read my blog over the past few days, you already know that I now work for Tanium. Tanium has a self-named product that is used at many of the top fortune 50 businesses to help them manage and

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New Mac Enthusiast

It’s official enough that I’m willing to announce it. I am now a Mac person. During this past summer I traded my motorcycle for a Macbook Air and a few other gadgets and some cash for savings. This Macbook Air

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New Job Announcement

As many of you may already know, I am no longer a BigFix Engineer with IBM. This is purely a voluntary thing as I have moved onto a new opportunity which, in my opinion, goes way beyond what BigFix, err

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Migrate Active Directory from 2008r2 to 2012

This is a very nice article with great step-by-step screen shots for migrating your master domain controller from an older 2008r2 box to a new 2012 server. Thanks for this Naresh!

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