CRITs use of MongoDB and starting automatically on Ubuntu

I recently was playing around with CRITs and followed their installation instructions closely (VERY HARD).  They could use some better install scripts to make things smoothly, but what do you expect from a community project. Anyways, I see in their documentation when

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Dynamic DNS and Cloudflare

I am extremely happy with the services from cloudflare, and with my minions project I wanted an easy way to know where they all were. So I did my research and finally narrowed down a way to use ddclient to

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Creating OpenVPN Server and Setting up OpenVPN Clients

I recently setup a remote office that houses my huge Virtual Host machine and wanted private/encrypted access to that network from where ever I am.  Thus I turned to OpenVPN as a solution after a little bit of research (see

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Developing Content 101 – INI Files

Update: Added link to Location sensor on Tanium community website. So you’d like to create Tanium Content for distribution to your infrastructure. Knowing what you want to do goes a long way to knowing how to do it with Tanium.

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I’ve been delving deep into understanding HTML5 and thought I’d share an article i found interesting. RIP Flash: Why HTML5 will finally take over video and the Web this year

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New Flickr Picture Browsing Site

I did it again! I went looking for a way to easily get links to the picture I publish to flickr for my blog articles. Sadly I couldn’t find what I wanted. So after a few hours of searching I

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Installing Tanium v6.1

Installing Tanium is actually really easy and I’m going to make it even easier by walking you through the express installation of the product. In the following article I’ll provide you with the various screen shots for the express installation

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